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Comfort channels in the initial phase was indeed full of prostitutes which willingly came from Japan

Comfort channels in the initial phase was indeed full of prostitutes which willingly came from Japan

The new document demonstrates that elder team officers of each military typically granted commands to determine comfort programs, and you will team officers away from under units produced a plan and you can transmitted it. cuatro Spirits programs was to be taken exclusively for troops and you can officials. The japanese military used numerous justifications to own creating the machine: to improve army morale; to handle the newest choices of one’s troops; so you’re able to incorporate venereal sickness one of the soldiers; also to prevent rapes by Japanese soldiers, thus steering clear of the rise off aggression among the population from occupied elements. 5

Spirits station was indeed centered first-in Shanghai for the 1932, then within the The japanese, Asia, the fresh Philippines, Indonesia, Malaya, Thailand, Burma, Eastern The Guinea, Hong kong, Macau, French Indochina, or any other regionsfort station was indeed established irrespective of where japan soldiers ran. 6

The story away from Yong Soo Lee

not, because the Japanese armed forces went on army expansion throughout the later 1930s, they considered the local population in the filled components, such as for example Korea, Taiwan, and you will Asia, in order to coerce female towards the providing sexually during these channels.

Inside 1938, japan armed forces began to make use of Japanese otherwise regional agents so you’re able to “recruit” female, especially in Korea and Taiwan. It actually was well-known that those agencies otherwise its subcontractors do wade from urban area to some other, procuring 40 so you’re able to 50 girls at a time. After they safeguarded sufficient women, they’d posting them to China or any other conflict zones.