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Elaboration of reorganization plan under the conditions of Law 85/2014

Capitalization of goodwill

Negotiations with creditors

Judicial liquidations

Voluntary liquidation of companies, associations and foundations

Notification of creditors, preparation of the preliminary and final table of claims, formulation and support of appeals against claims

Convening and chairing creditors' meetings, where permitted by law the sale of movable and immovable property from the debtor's patrimony,

Elaboration of the judicial reorganization plan of the debtor, under the conditions and within the terms provided by Law no. 85/2014

Management of the debtor's patrimony

The management of the debtor's activity, when the syndic judge or the law fixes this task to the insolvency practitioner;

Concluding transactions on behalf of the debtor, discharging debts, waiving real guarantees, under the conditions of Law no. 85/2014

Drawing up the distribution plan and distributing the amounts resulting from the liquidation

Preparation and signing of the liquidation balance sheet for the companies in liquidation

Cancellation of all fraudulent acts concluded by the debtor to the detriment of the company's creditors

Elaboration and support of periodic activity reports within the insolvency procedure